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Car exhausts fitted by trained
mechanics in Widnes

All our exhaust systems and control emission parts come with warranty and are fitted by trained mechanics.
vehicle exhaust systems

Cost-effective vehicle exhaust systems

We stock an extensive range of car exhausts and emission parts that fit cars of all makes and models at competitive prices. Parts we stock include catalytic converters, exhaust tips, valves, mufflers, exhaust pipes, tubes and emission controls. Our range of quality exhaust systems help in increasing the exhaust flow and reducing the back pressure of your vehicle, helping your car engine perform better. In addition, Tyreworld, Widnes, also stock batteries and brakes of all makes.
Car exhausts

Common exhaust system issues

  • A loud roar noise
  • A hole in the exhaust pipe
  • Part of exhaust is loose
  • A tinkling sound
  • Excess back pressure
If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your vehicle, it means the exhaust system needs a check. Contact our team of exhaust specialists for advice.

Is your car making a loud roaring noise?
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