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High performance car batteries in Widnes

We stock car batteries of all makes and we assure you that our prices are affordable.
Car battery fitting

Battery fitting and replacement

Your car battery can lose power due to excess heat, long journeys and also due to excessive use of electronic devices.

We can help you jump-start your car, upgrade your car battery and undertake other wheel and tyre repair works. From battery fitting to wheel alignment, we are your one-stop shop for car and other vehicle parts in Widnes.

Contact us today for emergency car batteries and more.

New car battery replacement

Why you may need a new car battery?

  • Engine slowing down
  • Vehicle headlights are dim
  • Rapid clicking noise
  • Low battery fluid
  • Battery leak
Tyreworld also stock a wide variety of tyres and other vehicle parts.

Is your car battery giving you trouble?
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